X-34 / WIRE Failure and SEESAT

MALEY, PAUL D. (paul.d.maley1@jsc.nasa.gov)
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 07:43:05 -0500

Bjoern wrote the following and I would like to respond:

    "How do postings of X-34 captive-carry test flight and WIRE failure 
     investigations help visual observers in the SeeSat group?"

I personally am troubled when I see a lot of postings that do not pertain to
visual satellite observing; however, I am planning to present a poster paper
at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific annual meeting at the University
of Toronto on July 5 and the focus is on professional-amateur contributions
to the world of earth satellite observation. I have a number of applications
where I feel this group has done a really good job in applying unique
insights about a rather unknown world to the astronomical community. A
specific one I plan to mention is Bjoern's identification of the MSX delta
rocket reentry as the possible source of recovered space debris that was
submitted to an Austin Texas news outlet by  Ed Cannon.

Another application is on the area of satellites that experience problems on
orbit. WIRE is one of these. [the X-34 is general news and is probably not
an appropriate topic for this net]. I would like to see more attempts by
visual observers to contribute to professional endeavors. Although this is a
hobbiest forum for the most part, there are some incredibly talented people
out there doing some really outstanding work. The WIRE failure investigation
is providing helpful information on the time history of a problem that
occurred soon after launch. I obtained a short video between clouds when
WIRE was placed in an inadvertent rapid spin and am interested to know what
finally happened to this satellite.


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