John Carberry (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 19:40:37 +0100

GPS equipment has been discussed on this list before, so I thought this may
of interest to some of you. It's an extract from an article I'm just
reading, about a GPS chip from SiRF Technology.

   "OK," you may be thinking, "maybe these chip will be available, but
   it'll be a long time before they migrate into affordable cell
   phones." Well, maybe not. According to Upside, where SiRF has made
   it into their "1999 Hot 100"
<> ,
   the FCC has mandated that all U.S. cellular phones have GPS
   capabilities by October, 2001, ostensibly to augment 911 emergency
   services. (And yes, there are obvious Big Brother implications we'll
   have to wrestle with). And this will likely spread beyond phones --
   companies such as Acer and UMAX already plan to GPS-equip some of
   their consumer electronics devices...

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