Mir Miniature..!

John locker (satcom@cybase.co.uk)
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 13:54:51 +0100

I hope I dont get flamed for being a little off topic here , but I suspect
many subscribers to this list , like me , give the occassional lecture
about spacecraft/ satellite technology etc.

Its always handy to have a couple of scale models available and I am lucky
enough to have been given Company Exec  miniatures of some of the TV Comms
birds , and of course its easy to get hold of a plastic Shuttle
kit,..but..yesterday it was "double-take" time as I walked past a local
hobby shop , there in the window was a 1/144 scale kit of MIR!
Needless to say I rushed in and grabbed it.It seems that REVELL have just
issued the model, and it certainly is a fine example.

Here in the UK it retails at about 10..worth every penny...and measures 22
cms in length.
Model No is 04840.

If you have any difficulty getting hold of one , let me know and I will see
if I can find a mail order supply point.

(if you do make up one of the Mir kits..try this tip.
Give the  the solar panels a cover in acrylic silver , then grab a blue eye
liner pencil and smear the soft lead over the panel suface.Finally rub off
the excess pencil with a finger , or sponge...the result ,instant solar
panel finish , with every detail highlighted!)

By for now,

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