decay candidate?

William B Magnusson (
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 16:06:50 +1000

Hello all watchers,

Our local UFO 'guru' gained front page exposure in the popular press and TV
this week with a series of 'sightings' around central Victoria state in
south-eastern Australia. (Centred on approx 36 deg south and 145 deg east.
Times around 0730 utc on 8th June. Reports indicated a track going from WSW
to ENE or approx. 20 - 30 deg inclination.

Sorry for the vagueness of the details but that's all I could gleen from the
newspaper report.

I have joined the list since that time so I have no archived data of
predicted decays for early June. I had a brief look in the SeeSat-list
archives but couldn't find anything (possibly due to inexperience).

Anyone know of a possible re-entry candidate that fits the above?

Bill Magnusson
Milawa Australia