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Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 22:08:10 PDT

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    I suppose the Iridium flare was as white as usual but seemed to be
    rust colored
    because it was seen in the morning sky, against a blue sky,
    as a fine example of color contrast.
    good hunting  * Dennis, Berlin City, Germany *        tel. 0049-(0)30-44045150
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        Date: Saturday, 3. June 2000 05:45
        Subject: RED IRIDIUM FLARE?
        An Iridium flare of magnitude -8 was supposed to flare from
    Iridium #38 at 3:21:27amPDT on Jun 2nd.I saw the flare but in an
    unusual way.The flare was right on time but it flared to a -4
    magnitude in a rust color before fading into the morning sky.Can
    anyone tell me why it was a rust color and missed the -8 it was
    supposed to flare.
        Happy Skies!
        Kevin Martin
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