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From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 22:59:12 PDT

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    > > I am in the process of deciding upon which telescope to buy, and
    > > would
    > > like to get some feedback as to any advantages one might have in
    > > attempting to view satellites.  I read the VSOHP on telescopic
    I too would like to justify the purchase of a telescope.
    I currently favour the ETX90 (or 125). I fear that the larger
    models, including LX200 which I have tried, have too small fields
    of view. The type you want depends on what you want to do:
    To view or videotape satellite shapes you want a small field, and
    accurate tracking (LX200 leap-frog with stable scope while the
    object passes - or jittering constant tracking?)
    To find objects that may be several minutes (or hours!) early or
    late, you need constant computerized re-pointing, for it is very
    difficult to memorize lots of reference positions.
    To be able to make more than one positional observation per pass,
    you need computer control so you don't lose the object while
    making notes, and preferably a computer recording of the
    (approximate) position at the time of each observation.
    For small and/or distant satellites you need the larger models.
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