ISS STS111 OBS Flood lights!

Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 17:53:36 EDT

Jones Cove, TN  USA 35.8290N, 83.3260W  GMT-4 
In the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, USA. Dark open sky.

My young son and I watched as the ISS and STS-111 passed over head last 
evening.  According to Heavens above it was to be a mag -1.9 combined pass.  
They didn't account for the cargo bay flood lights that were on bright.  Pass 
started at 22:35 EDT at the Mag expected.  About half way through the pass, 
The flood lights in the cargo bay became visible.  If I had to guess, I would 
say at least mag -5.0 or brighter.  I was amazed to see such a bright 
display.  After the pass we went inside and watched it on TV.  They had just 
turned off the cargo bay lights and started filming by remote control in 
Huston. The cargo bay camera was aimed aft and city lights of Knoxville, TN, 
Charlotte, NC and than Charleston,  SC and other points where clearly visible 
as it passed out over the Atlantic Ocean.

We had made around twenty (20) other OBS during the evening, but this was the 
best display ever.

Looking forward to tonight's pass(es).

Good viewing everyone,
Darren Tellinghuisen
Jones Cove, TN  USA   35.8290N, 83.3260W      -4 GMT
Dark Sky Country USA

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