Re: Double flash from Iridium 65

From: Bjorn Gimle \(TietoEnator\) (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 13:09:20 EDT

I suppose Rob will answer much better, if and when he reads these posts.

Long ago information was posted here on how Iridiums control their solar
panels, and Rob has built this info into IridFlar.exe.

Depending on the beta angle, ie the Sun's latitude over the orbital plane,
there are three different schemes. If I remember correcly:

For small beta angles the panels rotate on their long axis to follow the Sun
during the orbit.
For large angles, the panels are fixed normal to the orbit plane.
For intermediate angles, I can't describe the method, but in both the last
cases, flares to the surface are possible.

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From: "Willie Koorts" <>
To: "Kevin Fetter" <>
> > I wonder if you are seeing flares caused by the solar panel?
> Are'nt the solar panels supposed to be pointing at the Sun?  I thought
> that's why one is not supposed to see glints from Solar Panels from an
> operational satellite?

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