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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Wed Jun 01 2005 - 00:24:43 EDT

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    Gerhard said,
    "An observer directly at the Pole could see satellites from all planes all 
    the time throughout the day."
    This reminded me to send along what Dana at the South Pole just sent to me. 
    It follows.
    "Not only that, we have -8 magnitude Iridiums all day today and -4 magnitude 
    solar panel Iridiums all day today. I used Iridflar. It predicted the solar 
    panel flares this time and today we had 2 flares every 9 minutes. One 
    orbital plane was giving us -8 magnitude antenna flares every nine minutes 
    near Sagittarius and another orbital plane was giving us -4 magnitude solar 
    panel flares every nine minutes under Alpha Centauri. This insanity is still 
    going on and I am going out after dinner to get more photos. The ones under 
    Alpha Centauri come about 2 minutes after the one near Sagittarius.
    I am trying to get my friend who took the double flares last time to use his 
    wide angle lens and take a 2 minute exposure of both flares. Those double 
    flare photos are not mine that you mention for the magazine. I could take 
    any because my digital camera only goes to a max of 15 second exposures."
    Wish I were there, for an hour anyway.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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