Re: Meteor 1-7 & Foton M-2

From: Woodchuk (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 04:50:33 EDT

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    Thanks to Tony, Harro, and Bjorn for their response to my question on the decay of
    Meteor 1-7.
    I should be fairly well placed to se a possible entry if
    I saw Meteor 1-7 begin a pass at UT 5:50 June 1. It faded
    significantly as it moved further north and I lost it looking in my 10 X 50 binos 
    after a minute or so.
    A few minutes later at 6:16  SL 04 R/B went over, flashing every 3 or 4 seconds
    with a intermediate fainter flash in between the main flashes. Max Altitude of 
    pass was 53.
    Foton M-2 followed about 40 seconds later. Estimated brightness at mag 2.3.
    Larry Wood
    W113.5254,  N53.5423
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