Re: Iridium 16

Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 09:43:35 EDT

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    Probably not. It appears to have been knocked down about 2 km on 2005-04-
    10 and fallen by atmospheric drag since then. It's period now makes it overtake 
    the operational ones by about 50 sec/day.
    If it can'be controlled in position, it makes little sense to maintain 
    the correct attitude, even if it is still possible.
    Tomorrow, it is abot two minutes behind Ir10, so it does produce a flare at 
    almost the same celestial coordinates, but at mag -1. 
    I don't see a similar flash from Ir86 until June 08, and then only at mag 
    Good luck with Ir10! 
    >is Iridium 16 ( I know it's deorbited). I've read it was replaced by Iriidum
    >86. Is the Iridium 86 going to produce the flare predicted to Iridium 
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