Skymap hangs on Atlas Centaur TLEs

From: Mark Hanning-Lee (
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 19:56:00 EDT

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    For years now I have been running Rob Matson's Skymap
    to predict passes. All fine till today, when it hung
    up while trying to predict passes of two sats for this
    evening, using the TLEs I just downloaded from
    Space-Track. The TLEs are:
    ATLAS CENTAUR R/B 06058 72041B epoch 05152.63983594
    ATLAS CENTAUR R/B 06779 71116B epoch 05153.64553634
    The elsets don't seem obviously bad ...
    It was OK if I used the TLEs I downloaded a week ago.
    It was also OK if I used current TLEs to predict
    passes for a period one week ago.
    Just the combination of current TLEs and predicting
    for today made it hang up: after a minute I had to
    press ctrl-C to exit the run.
    Work-around: I edited the TLEs out of the file and it
    ran OK.
    Thoughts welcome. I can send the TLEs and skymap.cfg
    to people to help diagnose this, but did not want to
    post TLEs to the list.
    Best, Mark
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