Re: Interesting fragments?

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 19:31:42 EDT

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    Björn Gimle wrote:
    > Three recently catalogued old objects, 28675-676 and 685, have
    > RadarCrossSections above 1 m2!
    > I wonder if they really are easy to observe (flashing?), and if they can
    > account for some LEO unknowns "we" have reported.
    > They have evening visibility now, 685 "all night". They are all at around
    > 1000 km then.
    I can at least try. I have added them to my observation program.
    I do not expect positive results, because the objects will be small.
    As we see in Dutch (translated of course): "You never know how a cow catch a
    Sometimes small objects are unexpectedly bright. May be this is true for
    Happy observing,
    Bram Dorreman
    COSPAR 4160
    51° 16' 45.5" N  5° 28' 36.6" E (WGS84) 35 m
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