Cosmos 1 solar sail expected magnitude

From: Paolo Morini (
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 08:36:48 EDT

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    I have searched in the Planetary society web site, but I have not found any
    reference to the expected visual magnitude of Cosmos 1.
    I have got the idea to set up an observing point from the sailing club where
    my daughter go sailing with her (very) small boat, to involve both teen
    agers and grown ups in observing a solar sail.
    Also some activity from local Planetarium could be set.
    Of course, if we are going to get, say, a +4 magnitude, it's very hard to
    get more than some "groan !" from unexperienced people involved, better to
    observe alone in my backyard ...
    Anybody has some data/extimation about?
    Thanks a lot
    Greeetings from Italy
    Paolo Morini
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