Re: Meteor 1-7

Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 05:12:59 EDT

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    My estimate using Alan Pickup's SatAna/SatEvo                       
    with default parameters is now June 15 for Meteor 1-7.              
    Looking at SatEvo evolutions, it appears that remaining life is now 
    0.06/ndot2 days, decreasing to 0.04/ndot2 a day before decay,       
    then even smaller the last 24h.                                     
    On June 14, it should exit shadow around 28N, but at my             
    latitude (59N) it will be too close to sunset.                      
    Cosmos 807 rk decay appears to be later than I thought.             
    >A rule-of thumb is 0.08/ndot2 days for circular orbits.            
    >I estimate around June 16 for Meteor, June 21 for the rocket.      
    >They should make nice evening objects at lower latitudes than mine.
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