RE: cosmos 1 planned orbital data

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 02:23:14 EDT

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    Russell Eberst wrote:
    > So the inclination is either  78 or 80 depending on which 
    > page of the "Cosmos 1" website you believe.
    Heavens-Above has an entry for Cosmos 1 under pseudo-catalogue number 67000.
    Some weeks ago, there was an elset under that number, which had the 80 deg
    inclination, so I suspect that the 78 deg version is outdated information.
    Here is my 2-line representation of the elements on the page Kevin linked to:
    1 70900U          05172.83718750  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    03
    2 70900  80.0300 212.9900 0057876 125.9800   3.2000 14.26416000    09
    Note that the orbital injection time given on that page, "21 June 2005 19:46
    GMT", is in fact the approximate time of lift-off. The stated mean anomaly is
    consistent with orbital insertion 1168 s after lift-off, as stated elsewhere on
    the web site, so I have used that as the above epoch. The above elset is very
    similar to the 67000 elset that was on Heavens-Above, so I suspect it is
    reliable for planning observations. I guess that Heavens-Above will display its
    elset a bit closer to launch.
    The above orbit would be visible in evening at the latitude of most SeeSat-L
    subscribers. Bright twilight will be a complication for those north of about 50
    Ted Molczan
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