Cosmos 1 observation request

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 14:41:48 EDT

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    I have found a letter from the Project Manager of Cosmos 1, clearly stating the
    need for positional, as well as brightness observations:
    "To understand how well the spacecraft is working, we will need data on its
    position and brightness that you can collect using simple observing techniques."
    This would seem to be a good opportunity for all SeeSat-L subscribers who are
    interested to contribute to a space project.
    The web site seems focused only on brightness observations, both visual:
    and photographic:
    Many SeeSat-L subscribers already know how to make accurate magnitude
    observations. Those who do not, can acquire the skill with a bit of practice.
    Many of us also have cameras, so the photo contest should also have wide appeal.
    The lack of emphasis on positional observations leaves me in some doubt as to
    the Cosmos 1 project's interest in receiving them, but that should not stop us
    from making and reporting them anyway. We may well be able to fill in some gaps
    in the tracking coverage, leading to a better understanding of the evolution of
    the orbit.
    Since there appears not to be any provision for reporting positional
    observations, I suggest reporting them here, as part of our usual reports, and
    then one of us can compile them and forward them to the project, along with the
    names and coordinates of the observers.
    Ted Molczan
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