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From: Stephan Szyman (
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 06:47:45 EDT

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    thanks jeff
    now I have found my error for "unidentified object #2:"
    at first glance, I thought it was cosmos 1943 rocket (my suspicion was 
    correct)  but then I mistook aquila for cygnus on the detailed star chart 
    for the pass given on heavens-above.  I mistook the eagle for the swan,  how 
    typical of me, and decided it couldn't be cosmos 1943 because judging 
    (erroneously) by the detailed star chart,  cosmos 1943 rocket passed through 
    the UPPER portion of cygnus,   passing near delta cygni,  and  doing so 
    nearly 2 minutes before the one I observed (in reality it WAS cosmos 1943 
    rocket, and I mistook deneb el okab (zeta aquilae) for delta cygni.)
    this leaves only "unidentified object #1,"  the bright flaring object near 
    albireo at 03:25:55 UTC plus or minus 5 seconds. mag -4.  help me out,  
    also, thanks for the tip for the URL tweak for predictions to mag 5, jeff!  
    maybe texans aren't as dumb as they look ;)  too bad it doesn't go further 
    up than 5.
    Steve Szyman
    Saint Ann, MO USA 38.7270N, 90.3830W El. 171 m
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