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From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Sun Jun 19 2005 - 19:25:21 EDT

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    I concur (from Dallas TX). I have watched NOSS 2-3 for
    three nights in a row coming from the north,
    disappearing somewhere in the south late at night.
    Each time, I only see 2 of the 3 sats, but the two are
    quite bright. Last night they came in through the top
    of the Summer Triangle and eclipsed at Altair. They
    were as bright as any star in Cygnus with the
    exception of Deneb. I've also been having predicted
    high passes of Iridium 920 but can not see it. Isn't
    this one of the flashing sats? It (like NOSS 2-3) has
    been coming in from the north and going to my south at
    all different locations (in the east, in the west,
    overhead...) but no flashing.
         - Jeff Umbarger
           Plano, TX
    --- Ed Cannon <> wrote:
    > This seems unusual enough to mention.  Last night I
    > could see 
    > only two of the NOSS 2-3 triplets.  The two I could
    > see (leader 
    > and outlier, I believe, so 96-029D and C, 23862 and
    > 23908, I 
    > think) were both +5 or brighter -- easy to see.  I
    > was using 
    > 8x42 binoculars from the driveway of my parents'
    > house in San 
    > Antonio, Texas.  The weather was fine.  Even when
    > they're quite
    > faint, if I can see one of a trio I can see all
    > three.  So this 
    > was, for me, pretty unusual, especially since these
    > three travel 
    > so closely together.
    > Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas,
    > USA
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