Re: Cosmos-1 - still in orbit?

From: Chris Jones (
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 15:26:18 EDT

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    > On this evening's Channel 4 News in the UK there was a report that faint
    > signals had been received from Cosmos-1 from a tracking station in
    > Kamchatka, leading to the conclusion that it has been placed in orbit,
    > albeit a lower one than planned.
    > BBC News Online reports here:
    > This report is more circumspect and suggests that the bird is lost.  Let's
    > hope it has limped into orbit so we can follow its progress.
    It's worth noting that if Cosmos 1 is in an orbit lower than about 300 miles
    (~500 km), atmospheric drag will overpower light pressure, making its
    ability to demonstrate solar propulsion questionable at best.
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