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From: Whorton, Mark (
Date: Fri Jun 24 2005 - 14:35:53 EDT

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    Hi folks,
    As you all know the prospects of Cosmos 1 achieving orbit appears to be slim
    according to the Planetary Society.  But they are holding out hope that it
    actually did make it to "some" orbit.  It is not likely, but if it actually
    is in orbit and functioning nominally, the sails are programmed to deploy on
    June 25 beginning at approximately 9:35 pm PDT.  
    Let me emphasize this -- if we are to learn that Cosmos 1 actually is in
    orbit, you may very well be the ones to determine that and let us know.
    My rough calculations show that it may be brighter than -1 or perhaps -2
    magnitude (depending strongly on the relative orientation of the sail, sun
    and observer), and God only knows where and when a deployment would occur.
    So please let us know if you see anything.
    Mark Whorton
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