RE: T4B delay, Falcon move

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 20:56:39 EDT

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    Allen Thomson wrote:
    > Doubtlessly most of you have seen this already, but if not...
    > [June 24:  We were just informed that the Titan IV flight will launch no 
    > earlier than September and may very well be delayed until October or 
    > November, depending upon what issues arise (due to overflight concerns,...
    This is pure speculation, but I wonder whether this could be the "8X" that was
    much talked about in the late 1990's, but has yet to put in appearance. If so,
    then I like your long-ago speculation about a highly elliptical,
    sun-synchronous, retrograde critical inclination orbit:
    Something around 116.6 deg, 630 X 7600 km would do the job nicely. It would make
    8 rev/d, and its apogee would be about 8 times that of a standard KeyHole orbit.
    Could either characteristic have been the origin of the "8X" moniker?
    Ted Molczan
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