ISS through coud

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Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 05:25:58 EDT

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    Beautifil clear skies here for the last 48 hours , apart from one thirty 
    minute period , which just happened to be around the time of this mornings 
    pass (0313 BST )
    I am plagued by coastal build up which seems to lurk around the corner 
    waiting for me to set up :O(
    However I managed to scrape together a few frames which show the station 
    through the cloud , which gave a yellowish hue.
    Tracking an object like this through  cloud isnt easy and for most of the 
    time I had no idea where the target was , so I'll put this down to luck , 
    rather than judgement :O)
    Also seen , again through the cloud cover , was SL-12 R/B
    28708  moving at some speed !
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