Bright Flashing Unid

From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 02:18:36 EDT

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    Hey All,
         Tonight (June 30, 5:51UT) saw a brilliant
    flashing satellite that did not show up on
    Heavens-Above. It paralleled the "underside" of Ursa
    Major's "Big Dipper" handle (roughly west from my
    perspective). It was going towards the North or
    North-Northwest from the West-Southwest and had
    already culminated. It's flashing period was around 10
    sec. It was flashing as bright as -3 for a couple of
    periods. What could it be? I'm always amazed to see
    satellites at this late in the night (40 minutes
    before local midnight).
         Jeff Umbarger
         Plano, TX USA
         Lat: +33.06946 (N)
         Lon: -96.76807 (W)
         Alt: 200m
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