UNKNOWN 061125

From: GERHARD GROENEWALD (bataleur@megaweb.co.za)
Date: Mon Jun 01 2009 - 19:45:30 UTC

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    Greg have a look at http://worldfocus-consultants.blogspot.com for some 
    more images.
    what in fact happened is that I lined up the Canon and started shooting 
    10 sec (13sec) burst images one after the other hoping to find Unknown 
    061125 between 18 h 24.16 and stopped at 18 h 39.42
    I actually saw nothing untill I downloaded the images and noticed the 
    various satellites passing as in the blog images.
    I then realised that unknown 061125 was fairly late.
    But then I only took the images and my camera time setting were 
    synchronised with accurate net time.
    Can you do something with all this info?
    Gerhard groenewald
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