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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 10:16:05 UTC

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    Morning Gerhard
    Thanks for the info. I downloaded the images and have the following to 
    Field of view 20.34 x 13.32 degrees, images tilted about -6 degrees with respect 
    to horizon.
    As to identifications:
    Image 18:24:16 SAST   SL-14R/B  #16987  86074B range 1027 kms, predicted mag 
    Image 18:34:58 SAST   Bottom streak is Atlas Centaur rocket 81050B #12497 mag 
    +6.2 range 4846 kms
                                           Trail top image looks like 90070 running 
    about 6 minutes late, range ~ 1965 Kms,mag +4.8
    Image 18:37:50 SAST - called unknown 061125 - Top trail is Globalstar MO53 
    99043D,#25886,mag +5.4,
                                           range 2060 kms
                                         - bottom trail SK-8 R/B 75074B #08073, mag 
    +5.4, range 1685 kms
    Image 18:39:42 SAST  - Atlas Centaur rocket 80087B #12069, range 2670 kms, mag 
    These are predicted magnitudes.
    The interestesting bit is 90070 apparently running about 6 minutes late. This 
    has a very low perigee- around 230 km if
    memory correct. I see that it was last observed on day 101 - which is around 11 
    April so your observation at least indicates how late it will be running. Using 
    the INT element set it was predicted around 16:29:08 UT - NOW if I had some 
    clear weather this would be very useful info but maybe some of the other 
    observers will be able to catch it so the elements could be updated. How 
    accurate do you estimate are the times you gave - is 18:34:58 SAST the beginning 
    or end of exposure and you said you were using 10 second exposures. Even with a 
    time uncertainty of a few seconds I think Mike/Ted will be able to use your 
    observation to close in on 90070. (hint:-))
    I did an approx position determination and get the following:
    Start of trail  RA 15h05m49s  Dec -18d56'46"   (J2000)
    End of trail   RA  15h11m36s Dec -18d54'47"
    Your geographical location:    long +30.1171 deg(east),  lat 26.0671 deg(south)
    Well down Gerhard!   Only one suggestion - start using UT instead of SAST in 
    your reports :-))
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