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Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 15:18:35 UTC

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    Dear Greg,
    Your effort is highly appreciated. Just some responses on your questions:
    The camera time setting is 1.2 seconds ahead of the time synch on so I presume the 
    time is fairly accurate.
    The time of  the picture is taken from  photoshop analysis so I presume 
    that is also fairly accurate.
    Photoshop data analysis shows the lenght of exposure is 13 seconds 
    although the camera settings are 10 secs. So I presume that is also 
    fairly accurate.
    the only thing I am not sure about is when the Canon cmos registers the 
    photo's time, either at shutter press or release and writing to disk. I 
    am presuming that the shutter is pressed, the 13 second exposure taken, 
    and when written to the disk, only then the time is recorded. I do not 
    know. Anyway on 6 minutes late 13 seconds to either side might not matter.
    the exact location per garmin was
    s 26 deg 04.048
    e 30 deg 07.058
    With my current tech setup this is as accurate as what I can get.
    Observer notes.
    The camera was running and I scanned with Bino Leitz 10x40. I did not 
    see anyone of the satellites. Only after viewing images I noted all the 
    Quite interesting!
    How you do those reductions is still a mystery to me, but then that is 
    what decades of experience allows you to do.
    Many regards,
    Gerhard Groenewald
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