Re: Measuring accuracy of camera time codes

From: George Roberts (
Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 21:10:51 UTC

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    I created a little web-app that calibrates a digital camera's time delay and 
    lets you know exactly when it is that your camera recorded the time.
    For my Nikon D70, if I do a 2 second exposure followed by a 2 second noise 
    reduction dark frame step - the time is the end of the original exposure (and 
    before the 2 second dark frame).  This is different than Marco's camera which 
    records the time at the start of the exposure.  Unfortunately my camera only 
    stores the time to a 1 second resolution - no tenths of seconds (or finer) so 
    this whole feature is kind of useless for satellite timing.  Better to trigger 
    the camera with my laptop at a very accurate time.  I already have software to 
    do that.
    Here is the application- it's very simple - basically take a picture of the 
    screen at the website below.  Try it out even if you don't have a digital camera 
    and you'll see how it basically works:
    Feel free to steal it and post it on your own website.
    - George Roberts 
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