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Date: Tue Jun 09 2009 - 06:02:46 UTC

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    Launch date and  pre-launch NASA-TV internet broadcast for LCROSS.  
    Originally posted by  Valmir Martins de Morais in the LCROSS observation group. 
    Opportunity to capture  images of the lunar outbound LCROSS-Centaur?  
    I  personally think it would be a great public relations coup for NASA if a 
    fuel  dump from the LCROSS-Centaur were visible for some or all of North 
    America;  imagine the interest generated for someone to be able to run outside 
    at a  prescribed time to see the glowing cloud of a space vehicle that at 
    that moment  was headed for the Moon.  
    I remember fondly seeing the blowout of  excess fuel from the third stage 
    of Apollo 14 en route to the Moon in  1971.  The launch occurred on a Sunday 
    just after 4 p.m. EST  I  remember previously reading in the March 1969 
    issue of Sky & Telescope on  how observers in Great Britain saw the fuel dump 
    from Apollo 8 roughly 4 hours  after liftoff and figured I might try looking 
    for Apollo 14 later that evening  at around 8:00 p.m. EST.  Sure enough, at 
    that time, I saw a brilliant  object appear in my western sky, resembling 
    Venus behind a small cloud.  It  slowly grew in size, while slowly fading away 
    over the next half hour.  
    From what I read in the NASA release that Kurt passed along, a fuel dump  
    from the LCROSS Centaur would have to come about 4 to 5-hours after launch 
    from  Florida for any chance of it being visible in a dark or twilight sky, as 
    least  from the US East Coast. 
    Of course, it would also have to be above the  local horizon.
    Does anyone have details on the flight path and when a  
    fuel dump might be attempted?
    -- joe rao  
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