Spectacular 18 Flashes from Iridium 33

From: satrack\@libero\.it
Date: Wed Jun 17 2009 - 23:13:41 UTC

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    I have just witnessed 18 spectacular flashes in the negative
    magnitude range from the Iridium 33. The show lasted for 
    about 1 minute and a half (!) and the maximum magnitude was 
    of about -4, or even more, for at least 5 consecutive 
    flashes! What an amazing tumbling Satellite! 
    I can not track them right now, but, for tonight, if the 
    satellite passes across Corona Borealis, the show should be 
    visible. If it passes just between Hercules and Boot, it may 
    be worth to take a look anyway. The flashes may take place 
    with the satellite from 15 – 20 degrees of elevation.
    In my case, they began at 22.01.40 UTC (17 June), with the 
    brightest flash at 00.02.28.
    In the next days, I will add more details about the 
    satellite’s rotation axis and the flash predictions to my 
    web site:
    Best Regards,
    Lat. 45.487 N
    Lon. 8.558 E
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