LCROSS outbound tracking emphemeris Earth to Moon

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Date: Thu Jun 18 2009 - 16:33:42 UTC

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    The LRO-LCROSS launch is set for a 5:12EDT (3:12 MDT) (21UT) today.  (At the time of this posting, the launch counter is at 4:40.)  The following message was just posted on another newsgroup by the Horizons Team.  The LCROSS Centaur booster trans-lunar orbit projected coordinates have been updated into the Horizons system. 
    Use "LCROSS" as the "Target Body".  RA-Dec predicted positions are topocentric sensitive, so use your local "named location" city as the geographic location, not geocentric. 
    Live coverage begins at 2pm EDT (20UT).
    KSC live launchpad video of the launch can be seen at:
    Typical pre-launch countdown activities for an Atlas V launch can be found at: 
    NASA Atlas V Countdown 101 FAQ
    A primitive first-order model of outbound Centaur visibility during trans lunar orbit can be found at physical pages 7, 74-83 (digital pages 10, 77-86) of Issue No. 13 of Selenology Today at: (4.5 megs) 
    (mag 6.5 at 5k decreasing to mag 13.8 at 150,000k) 
    There is no magnitude estimate in the Horizons system empheris. 
    There is no list of scheduled hydrogen fuel dumps.  At a mission briefing on June 16, an LRO project scientist stated all fuel dumps would be completed before hand-off of the Centaur to LCROSS team flight control 4 hours into the flight. 
    - Clear Skies Kurt 
    Horizons Message
    With the shuttle launch scrubbed, the Moon-fated 
    LCROSS mission is currently go for 2009-Jun-18 21:12 UTC 
    launch (tomorrow). 
    The trajectory has been updated accordingly in Horizons 
    (based on navigation team planning), for those who want 
    to track it, or avoid confusing it for an asteroid in 
    Earth vicinity.  
    Jon Giorgini | Navigation & Mission Design Section 
    Senior Analyst | Solar System Dynamics Group | Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
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