TJM obs of 2009 Jun 22 UTC

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Mon Jun 22 2009 - 09:05:19 UTC

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    Observed 09023B as a faint ghost at poor phase angle in morning twilight, in the
    presence of wind-induced vibration. I spotted it about 0.5 deg along-track past
    my planned reference stars. Angular velocity was 0.29 deg/s, so I must have hit
    the stopwatch late by at least 1.7 s, which I rounded to 2 s, to allow for
    reaction time. Point of passage between the reference stars is a guess. Assuming
    I saw 09023B and not some figment of my imagination, then it was ~5 s early
    relative my 3 day old elements. If this turns out to be the only observation of
    the night, then any resulting elset should be treated with suspicion.
    34904 09 023B   2701 P 20090622082548880 18 25 0250781+303089 28 S+080 05
    IOD format:
    Site 2701: 43.68764 N, 79.39243 W, 230 m
    Ted Molczan
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