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From: GERHARD GROENEWALD (bataleur@megaweb.co.za)
Date: Tue Jun 23 2009 - 17:49:52 UTC

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    to Greg
    Hi Greg, I have some difficulty spotting usa 202 but not for the want of 
    However when running through the images I noticed a faint sat passing.
    For the want of missing something interesting , will you please id for me ?
    My aim is a big estimate as I am dealing with very unknown faint stars 
    so that is what I can give at 
    http://worldfocus-consultants.blogspot.com/ new posting now
    Many regards as usual.
    Gerhard Groenewald.
    ps I am now seriously considering the Meade etx 80 and then with a 
    t-piece connecting my canon. Any negative ideas ? It is R 5000 later and 
    slightly more than what I can afford. However this will at least give me 
    a 450 mm lens/telescope with an accurate GOTO (that is hamstringing me 
    now)  now that I am aiming for the fainter sats.
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