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Date: Tue Jun 23 2009 - 22:31:16 UTC

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    Instead, you can use different data - geocentric latitude longitude distance (subtract 
    Earth radius to get height)
    - or Decl and RA (subtract Greenwich siderial time to get longitude) - and format these 
    into a simple text file for a SkyMap 'Rocket trajectory' .trj file (exemples included with 
    skymap. Times as first number in seconds from 'Map time' used.
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    Subject: LCROSS - Translate JPL Horizon elements
    SeeSat -
    Attached is a raw dump of a few days of orbital elements for the LCROSS-Centaur planned 
    orbit from the JPL Horizons system (telenet). How do I translate these into (or can you 
    translate for me) the Horizon element data into a standard format used by amateur 
    satellite programs? I am too new to satellite tracking to do it myself.
    Thanks - Kurt
    Ephemeris / PORT_LOGIN Tue Jun 23 12:25:48 2009 Pasadena, USA / Horizons
    Target body name: LCROSS Spacecraft (-18) {source: pfile.nio}
    Center body name: Earth (399) {source: DE405}
    Center-site name: BODY CENTER
    Start time : A.D. 2009-Jun-24 06:00:00.0000 CT
    Stop time : A.D. 2009-Oct-09 11:36:00.0000 CT
    Step-size : 1440 minutes
    Center geodetic : .000000000,.000000000,.00000000 {E-lon(deg),Lat(deg),Alt(km)}
    Center cylindric: .000000000,.000000000,.00000000 {E-lon(deg),Dxy(km),Dz(km)}
    Center radii : 6378.1 x 6378.1 x 6356.8 km {Equator, meridian, pole}
    System GM : 8.8876923901135099E-10 AU^3/d^2
    Output units : AU-D, deg, Julian day number (Tp)
    Output format : 10
    Reference frame : ICRF/J2000.0
    Output type : GEOMETRIC osculating elements
    Coordinate systm: Earth Mean Equator and Equinox of Reference Epoch
    EC QR IN
    OM W Tp
    N MA TA
    A AD PR
    2455006.750000000 = A.D. 2009-Jun-24 06:00:00.0000 (CT)
    EC= 3.236295761849697E-01 QR= 2.365527884460233E-03 IN= 4.654130298748269E+01
    OM= 7.352120062713009E+01 W = 1.806356505256203E+01 Tp= 2455004.867989789695
    N = 8.258514679183865E+00 MA= 1.554260894837330E+01 TA= 3.136627186283998E+01
    A = 3.497385162286668E-03 AD= 4.629242440113104E-03 PR= 4.359137374997999E+01
    2455007.750000000 = A.D. 2009-Jun-25 06:00:00.0000 (CT)
    EC= 2.903672236544239E-01 QR= 2.366983579493535E-03 IN= 4.563531681338736E+01
    OM= 7.166090523337763E+01 W = 1.792596272492097E+01 Tp= 2455004.749628080986
    N = 8.866960458752169E+00 MA= 2.660417916773969E+01 TA= 4.794555982628000E+01
    A = 3.335504867296130E-03 AD= 4.304026155098725E-03 PR= 4.060015849565005E+01
    2455008.750000000 = A.D. 2009-Jun-26 06:00:00.0000 (CT)
    EC= 2.774298296354395E-01 QR= 2.369160676157427E-03 IN= 4.547888238096304E+01
    OM= 7.098208928603756E+01 W = 1.760964050197571E+01 Tp= 2455004.678707337938
    N = 9.097989048895228E+00 MA= 3.704057605328215E+01 TA= 6.248030966095652E+01
    A = 3.278796680690690E-03 AD= 4.188432685223954E-03 PR= 3.956918370260239E+01
    2455009.750000000 = A.D. 2009-Jun-27 06:00:00.0000 (CT)
    EC= 2.689731101174810E-01 QR= 2.372038518830367E-03 IN= 4.546171028359895E+01
    OM= 7.065460624357394E+01 W = 1.718236940300234E+01 Tp= 2455004.614912046585
    N = 9.241331780942476E+00 MA= 4.745505150191850E+01 TA= 7.554454267567046E+01
    A = 3.244803374075021E-03 AD= 4.117568229319675E-03 PR= 3.895542423251094E+01
    2455010.750000000 = A.D. 2009-Jun-28 06:00:00.0000 (CT)
    EC= 2.622328546009400E-01 QR= 2.375921694201379E-03 IN= 4.547781287925467E+01
    OM= 7.049072573398242E+01 W = 1.667820102658451E+01 Tp= 2455004.548826368060
    N = 9.346476578041401E+00 MA= 5.795912410841265E+01 TA= 8.736553703991871E+01
    A = 3.220422200986244E-03 AD= 4.064922707771109E-03 PR= 3.851718848210496E+01
    2455011.750000000 = A.D. 2009-Jun-29 06:00:00.0000 (CT)
    EC= 2.563554950415604E-01 QR= 2.381418395166414E-03 IN= 4.549645403782113E+01
    OM= 7.041309656718055E+01 W = 1.615421051479858E+01 Tp= 2455004.478073073085
    N = 9.425657257617813E+00 MA= 6.854269081665237E+01 TA= 9.810461339187849E+01
    A = 3.202361315504517E-03 AD= 4.023304235842620E-03 PR= 3.819362301860151E+01
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