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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Jun 24 2009 - 10:10:11 UTC

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    Morning Gerhard
    I spent some time battling with your image and was not able to identify the 
    area. However going by your statement of the approximate az/el and SAO 1200004 
    and Yale 5159 being in the area the only likely satellite I find is a Delta 2 
    R/B #26622 and designation 00075D at about mag +3.5 and range about 950kms. Ill 
    have another go later at trying to identify the field . Its difficult to match 
    the field as I dont know if you had the camera tilted or not and it appears 
    quite a large field of view. If the focal length was 135mm as stated then the 
    field of view should be around 9 x 6 degrees but no matter how much I rotated 
    your image etc I could not get a match.
    Re the Meade ETX80 - I have reservations about it - its expensive, aperture only 
    3 inch and f/5, focal length 400mm. The price in the States is $299 which works 
    out at about R2400 so our "friendly" local dealer is adding his bit. I have a 
    contact in Hong Kong who sells Meade products - thats where I got my Meade DSI 
    Pro camera from and even with his express postage rates and local customs 
    rip-off he still worked out cheaper than getting locally - the trouble is that 
    he orders from the States and it could take up to 6 months before you finally 
    get the unit. I know three people in SA who have dealt with him and we have all 
    had excellant service. By seperate email I sent you some info on something thats 
    looks interesting- a little cheaper than your R5000 but its just a sort of GOTO 
    mount. I have no experience of it so again cannot recommend it but it looks a 
    possibility, but if you buy anything I accept no responsibility if its a dud 
    since I do not have any hands-on experience with the items. Maybe there might be 
    a reader or two who has used the EXT80 or iOPTRON mounts.
    I dont know why you dont think of making a simple alt/az mount as I described 
    earlier. It can be made with simple hand tools and you should be able to point 
    to at least 1 degree accuracy. Thats the way I would go in your situation and 
    with your cameras field of view you should by able to set on a predicted 
    position without difficulty.
    Sorry I cant be more positive...
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