LaCrosse 5 and another object

Date: Thu Jun 25 2009 - 05:10:46 UTC

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    Just observed LaCrosse 5 pass overhead from SW - NE and almost directly
    overhead, and just as it was to the 
    northeast of me, I caught a very faint object alongside it.  It was so
    faint at first I thought it was a reflection off my 
    binoculars lens, but as I tracked it, I realized it was it was a separate
    satellite.  It was around mag 7-8 when I saw it 
    and appeared to be tagging along with the Lacrosse bird, just to it's east
    and slightly behind.  It faded fast as it went 
    away and I could not follow much but for about 20 seconds.
    Here's the pass info:
    41.2100N, 93.8460W (Truro, Iowa)
    Lacrosse 5	
    Max Mag: 2.4	 
    AOS: 23:44:22	 
    Alt: 31	 
    Direction: SW	 
    Closest: 23:46:46	
    Alt: 83	 
    Dir: SE	
    LOS: 23:51:52	
    Alt: 10	
    Dir: NE
    I saw the faint object just after closest approach.  Again, barely within
    field of view of my binoculars (10 X 50) and 
    east and slightly behind the LaCrosse 5 satellite.
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