Re: Unknown object over Orange County, California

From: Makoto Kamada (
Date: Tue Jun 28 2011 - 02:45:32 UTC

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    14208 1983-075B SL-3 R/B (Vostok rocket) ?
    Screen shot of the Satellite Tracker 3D:
    Makoto Kamada
    On 2011/06/28 7:42, Kevin Fetter wrote:
    > I received this a short time ago
    > Last night, I saw a very bright unidentified satellite, in a close to 90 degree orbit (ie between 80 and 100 degrees inclination), heading northbound, with its ground track east of Orange County; it was extremely bright, with no flashing.  It passed overhead about 9:28 PDT in the evening, reaching about 70 degrees or so of maximum elevation.  After zenith, it started to disappear around 40 degrees elevation north, but was visible faintly for about 10 seconds.
    > I couldn't find anything in the Heavens Above site that matched this satellite.  Here in the OC, a satellite has to be about zero magnitude to be visible, as we have a lot of light pollution. This thing was seemingly as bright as ISS, I thought it might be a low aircraft, but there no flashing lights and it disappeared into the earth's shadow, so it must have been a bright satellite.
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    > So far, I don't see any satellite that could be the cause. The ISS wasn't passing by then, and no bright spooky sat's either.
    > Kevin
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