Re: fireball from Almeria

From: Frank Reed via Seesat-l <>
Date: 2 Jun 2015 09:27:08 -0700
At, there's a good place to report fireballs and see how many other observers saw one that you have seen (so far no reports match yours, but that may only reflect spotty reporting). Here's the main landing page for fireballs and fireball reporting: 

And here's an example of a fireball that was observed over Britain and Ireland on April 26, 2015: 
Over 80 people reported this fireball through the web site, so presumably it was observed by many thousands.

I have one small complaint about the mapping choice on that web site. They're using a standard Google Maps feature that shows a "heat map" of observers' locations. Unfortunately, this is easily misinterpreted by casual readers as some sort of satellite imagery of the heat of the meteor entering the atmosphere. In the map, if you click on the tag that says "heat map", you can change it to an "observers map" which is probably more instructive. That view also indicates which way observers were facing, which makes the centerline of the fireball's track more obvious.

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