Re: Calculation of Iridium Flares

From: Alan Madill via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2015 14:21:22 -0700
Hello Johannes,

Most of the modern code originated with Dr T. S. Kelso et al.  The routines that 
I used were based on an earlier version of his code. I went through a bit of 
work in order to make it into a Windows DLL and probably broke it for GCC but 
the original code is referenced in my source.  You might want to go back to it 
or better yet use the latest code base that was referenced by the message from 

The SGP4 model takes into account things like atmospheric drag that don't come 
into play in a purely Keplerian solution.

On 6/6/2015 12:40 PM, Johannes Bauer via Seesat-l wrote:
> Very interesting indeed, all the source code seems to trace back to one
> first source? Is there a paper that explains the equations that are used
> in the SGP4 model a bit?

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