RE: Sentinel launch rb venting seen from USA?

From: Ted Molczan via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 09:13:02 -0400
Jim Oberg sent me a link to the following sighting report:

Full text:

"At approximately 11:45pm last night (6-22-15) I stepped out onto my back deck which overlooks the Chesapeake Bay from
the east bank looking west towards Annapolis, MD. I brought my 10◊50 wide angle Bushnell binoculars to observe the
setting cresent moon. The moons possition in relation to mine was slightly south west at approximatley 15 degrees above
horizon. The object I obsrved was at approximately 25 degrees above horizon slightly south west between my possition and
the cresent moon. It appeared as a small light cloud round in shape with an opening in the center. (Like looking down on
the top of a whirl pool or Hurricane.) I sighted my binoculars in on the cloud and thats when I observed the light in
the center. It appeared to be yellowish in color and solid, no blinking or additional lights like an aircraft would have
and it made no sound. I looked around the visible sky to see if any other objects or aircraft might be around and
realized that nothing else was flying at the moment. I ran inside and woke my wife to come and witness and observe it.
She watched for a minute, maybe two. I then watched it turn from the swirling cloud to what appeared to be a fanned out
illuminated cloud in front of it. It became very fuzzy/hazy as it moved farther away. The path was from south to north
and slightly west. the whole viewing lasted about 10 minutes from start to finish. Just after the object went out of
sight, the sky fillied up with about a half a dozen or so aircraft. Some were commercial aircraft flying into BWI. One
massive aircraft flew from south to north at about 25 degrees above horizon along the Bay and then headed due east
towards Deleware.

So I have no idea what this object could of been. I watch aircraft an satellites all the the time and I have never seen
anything like this befor."

Ted Molczan

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