Re: QuickSat for Linux?

Mark A. Haun (
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 00:42:03 -0800 (PST)

Greg Mortensen writes:

> After a short break from satellite observing, I've been bitten by the
> bug once again.  This time, however, I'm running Linux 
> as my main OS and I was wondering if QuickSat was available for it?

Yes!  I run QuickSat under Linux and am very happy with it.  A cron job run
nightly spits out predictions for the next evening, brackets the output with
an HTML header/footer, and updates my web page with the information.  Mike
McCants was kind enough to provide me with the source converted from Fortran
to C using "f2c".  Compilation was very straightforward.

I have made the following files available for anonymous FTP from my
computer,, in the /pub directory:

quicksat-bin.tar.gz   Executable, support, and documentation files for
                      QuickSat.  Included are some simple scripts for
                      automating control file generation and nightly
                      predictions.  (Executables linked with
             and -- non-ELF...)

quicksat-src.tar.gz   My QuickSat source tree, including code for the
                      necessary Fortran support libraries.

Some caveats:  this is version 2.10A, which has been superseded, I think.
Mike may prefer to make a more "official" distribution available in the
SeeSat-L archives.  In the meantime, the files above should get you started. 
It's a amazing what a nice little program like QuickSat is capable of when
coupled with a real operating system :-)

Mark Haun