Viewing jpeg images

John Corby (
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 11:45:35 -500

Alan Nutley wrote:

> Forgive my enquiry, but how may I decode the JPEG files that occassionally 
> appear on the list??
> For instance:  The file for the 'tethers.jpg' appeared in the Digest V96 #39.  
> It's not (apparently) UUencoded.  What procedure should I follow, please - 
> anyone!

I use an excellent piece of freeware called "LView". LView will open 
.jpg, .gif and .bmp files and permits some sophisticated editing of 
the images. You should be able to find LView by searching on the web. 
I originally obtained some time ago from a BBS.
John Corby
Toronto, Canada
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