TSS Observation

BEK Developers (bekdev@innet.com)
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 06:43:20 -0400

Just had a viewable pass of TSS from the Tampa Bay Florida area. It was seen
at 20 deg high around 6:22 AM EST/1122 UTC. Sunrise was only 30 min away so
few stars/planets were viewable. It was only observed with binoculars and was
about 1 deg in length at that range (which I don't have handy at the moment).
It seemed to be complete in length and orriented roughly top to bottom.
remarably, I couldn't really see the satellite itself although I think I
got a glimpse of it near the top. To me the tether seemed brighter than the
satellite. To roughly estimate the brightness, I'd say it was about as
bright as Jupitor's moons. It was wild to see a line moving sideways
through the sky. I can't wait for dark skys!

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