TSS observation from Florida Space Coast

Bill Moore (wmoore@iu.net)
Thu, 07 Mar 1996 06:12:21 -0500

Despite early morning low clouds and approaching dawn, I had a good, but 
brief (<20 sec) view of TSS 5:55am from Florida's Space Coast area.  
Upon stepping outside and seeing the moon obscured by rapidly moving low 
clouds, I thought I'd have to call no joy on TSS this morning, but a 
southerly break in the clouds treated me to a brief glimpse of the 

This is truly a remarkable viewing object!  It spanned my 7x50 bino's 
FOV, and the satellite body itself appeared as a bright point of light 
with the tether tracing a line below it.  Tether still appears to be 
intact, and has gravity-gradient stabilized.

It's ability to share the thrill of seeing objects like this that makes 
SEESAT great, and would make a USENET group a terrific medium for 
popularizing visual sat observing.

Wishing you clear skies . . .
 Bill Moore                wmoore@iu.net
 Melbourne, FL