RE: your mail (on C*397 AZ decay)
Thu, 7 Mar 1996 13:17:40 +0100

Larry Klaes asked : What exactly is Cosmos 397?  What was its mission?
Is there a place where I can find such information on my own....

I'm sorry, but I don't know much of that kind of facts.
I usually don't care, but I am impressed by others' knowledge.
E.g. (Rainer Kracht) used Russell Eberst's
observations to deduce standard magnitudes for satellites, in
groups of similar designs - of which I was not aware.
(seesat-l no. 1164-1441, then 1598 and 1636 )
I don't know their sources.

For new launches I do get Jonathans Space Reports at
(issues from 1989 on are available) and Spacewarn Bulletins at (old issues from 1991 on),
and OIG weekly reports via telnet to

I also keep the latest OIG SatSit Reports available on my PC.
(Total listings of all objects)

In my QuickSat-compatible reference file I keep mainly the NORAD
and International ID's, the common name, standard magnitude and/or
Radar Cross Section, and a category based on orbit type and
visibility (classified, geostationary, high, below my horizon,
decaying, decayed, Molniya, ...)

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