TSS Observation from 40.5 N latitude

Fri, 8 Mar 1996 01:25:29 -0500

A word of cheer to the latitude challenged.  I was able to spot TSS, faint
but distinct, with 11x80 binoculars from Northern Colorado, latitude 40.5
degrees north.  Skies were mildly light polluted from small towns and the
waning gibbous moon.  The pass took it less than 5 degrees above the horizon.
 A startling view, like the ghost of a fluorescent lamp cruising the stars in
the tail of Scorpius, just above rooftops.  In spite of all the foregoing
descriptions and anticipation, TSS still caught me off guard, something like
seeing the NOSS trio for the first time.  It's definitely worth every attempt
to see.  Thank you to Mike McCants for all the predictions.  

Dan Laszlo