TSS observation from N. Florida

Stephen Thompson (SThompson@esiusa.com)
Fri, 08 Mar 96 09:35:00 PST

Just hours after the passage of a cold front, TSS made a 6:18 EST pass south 
of Tallahassee FL (30.5N,84W).  The sun was 8 degrees below the horizon but 
neither twilight nor the moon interfered with the tether's visibility.  It 
culminated at about 45 degrees and was about two degrees in length.

To the naked eye it appeared to be an extended object with about the width 
to length ratio of an unsharpened pencil.  The color was white with a 
texture similar to a chalk mark or a vapor trail. It was perfectly straight. 
As it passed, the change in perspective was striking.

Binoculars revealed a very thin white line with a yellowish 'star' at the 
top.  A close examination with 20X70 binocs revealed nothing that appeared 
to be a tangle at the bottom.  If there was a bend, the last 5 percent of 
the length was trailing at an angle of less than 10 degrees.

I saw SEDS-2 several times.  TSS is whiter, brighter and longer,  SEDS-2 had 
the blue-gray color of faint stars and a sort of linear twinkle, TSS has a 
steady appearance.