Temporarily unreachable ?

Fri, 8 Mar 1996 15:11:32 +0100

I will be going north Mar.9-16 (so I'll have a hard time
finding FSW-1 #22870) and cannot read mail to my work address.
If you have to write to me urgently AND personally, use
bjorn.gimle@online.dextel.se , but even that, seesat-l, and
internet TLE's may be out of reach for me!

Sorry for this personal broadcast, but I feel that there is
so much interesting to take part in, though Mike is doing a
good job of decay prediction.

Apart from #22870 93-63H FSW-1,
#23471 95-04C ODERACS sphere may decay that week (Mar 15?), and:
#23805 96-12B TSS-1R
#23022 94-14D
#23633 95-39B Interbol Rk
#22892 83-75J

soon after.

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