John Locker (
Sat, 09 Mar 1996 11:59:59 -0800

As a new subscriber I thought that I would get to know you all with this
short intro.

In my spare time,I have an interest in all forms of communications.This has
grown from radio to satellite over the last few years,in particular TVSATS.
I am a regular contributor to a number of magazines in the UK,and
USA,..supplying sighting reports,photos etc of transmissions from the many
GeoSats in orbit.

I also act as communications consultant (unpaid!!!) whenever required and I
am the voice of the "Spacenews From LIVERPOOL"  item  on Dr DISH TV the
Specialist Satellite enthusasts show shown on Kopernicus 28.5 East ,the 2nd
Friday of each month..Fronted by Chritian Mass.

So why subscribe to SeeSat?

Well you could say that I like to keep an eye on all things orbital,from
TVSAT to Shuttle and Mir,and also those unidentified objects which zip
around at sub orbital altitudes...

You may be intested to know that the North of England seems to be witnessing
more and more strange lights in the sky.Its only a few weeks since the
Manchester UFO enquiry  ..(Aurora?) ..since then a number of other fast
moving high altitude objects have been reported by what is
going on...I have my own theories...Senior Projects..Forest Green etc...and
would welcome your comments to my email address,especially any updates on
the Manchester incident.

Finally.........we see Mir on a regular basis,and what a spectacular sight
she is....we can hear her radio comms too as she passes over,and soon we may
be able to see live video downlinked in the S band..2.3 ghz.Anyone got any
info on the latter?I understand the project should start in April...but am
finding it difficult to get any hard facts.

Sorry if I have wandered off the track a bit..but I find that all these
things tend to link together

Thanks to the organisers for taking time to collate all the info on is going to prove invaluable to me.

Best wishes,

Amateur Operator G7-MIZ