The chase is on

Robert Reeves (
Sat, 09 Mar 1996 20:34:53 -0600

Has anyone noticed the dance in the evening sky that the equally bright
(around mag 2.5) Cosmos 1833 and 2227 rocket bodies are doing the next few days?

This evening from here in San Antonio, Texas, 1833 followed 2227 by about
two ninutes along the same general track, with 1833 traveling about 3
degrees lower to the horizon.

Tomorrow (Mar. 10th), 1833 will follow by only 19 seconds, but will be 5
degrees lower to the horizon as seen from San Antonio.

Monday eveing (11th), they swap places and 2227 trails 1833 by about 1.5
minutes with 2227 passing 6 degrees lower in elevation than 1833.

Granted, these manouvers are not spectacular, but ever since I first
observed a cluster of three NOSS satellites travelling in the same binocular
field, I like to watch for satellites flying in "formation".

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